Saudi’s Vision 2030 economic development plan aims at increasing the mining sector’s economic contribution to USD 26 billion (SAR 97 billion), 18,000 times more than 2015 revenues of USD 140 million (SAR 520 million).

In mining, we will furnish incentives for and benefit from the exploration of the Kingdom’s mineral resources.

Saudi Vision 2030 (Official Brochure)

The plan also see’s job creation and economic diversification away from oil and gas dependency as key long-term goals. The sector currently accounts for 270,000 jobs but the target is to reach 400,000 by 2030.

National Industrial Development and Logistics Program

The National Industrial Development and Logistics Program is an initiative to transform the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a leading industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub in promising growth sectors (with focus on Industry 4.0), which would generate ample job opportunities for Saudis, enhance the trade balance and maximize local content.

The program focuses on four key sectors: Industry, Mining, Energy and Logistics, and many enablers including the development of Policies and Regulations, Financial Enablement, Infrastructure, Industrial Lands, Special Economic Zones, Research, Development and Innovation (RDI).

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